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Chourouk Hriech

le papillon posé sur la cloche du temple endormi,

solo exhibition Chourouk Hriech

Jelena Pachtner

Innocent Living, Agnes Martin 1999. Dia Art Foundation; Partial gift, Lannan Foundation 2013. © Agnes Martin/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.

Sara Badr Schmidt

Once upon a time they said press star to cross the moon and the world was free, Sara Badr Schmidt 

Sutapa Biswas

Still from video Birdsong, Sutapa Biswas

Nathalie Zaquin-Boulakia

Borderless, Sara Badr Schmidt

Natalia Fuller

Hands and horse skull, Alfred Stieglitz

Marianne Cofel

Les Enfants Gâtés, Marianne Cofel

Natalie Seroussi

Separation, Clara Feder (Le Monde)

Danielle van Zadelhoff

Lost, Danielle van Zadelhoff

Jo Dennis

Drawing of a truck, H.

Sam Hacking

Shag bird

Yoyo Maeght

Blue Dream, Aki Kuroda

Sonia Fitoussi

Eye, Clara Feder

Isabel de Vasconcellos



Anne-Pierre d'Albis

Illumination by Hildegard of Bingen

Marie-Claire Rubinstein

Three exclamation points, Clara Feder

Anne-Sarah Bénichou

A quote from Gargantua, Rabelais : "to laugh is proper to the man"

Julie K. Chun

Bamboo Groves in Mist and Rain, Guan Daosheng

Isabelle van den Eynde

Emperor's New Dress, Ramin Haerizadeh

Isadora Bourdeaux-Maurin

Yakena, le regard d'Hélianthe, Isadora Bourdeaux-Maurin

Hélianthe Bourdeaux-Maurin

Solidarity, Clara Feder

Ofra Grinfeder

Morador de Rua, Ofra Grinfeder

Bettie Nin

Flight of a Separation Wall, Bettie Nin

Myriam Ullens

Mimi Foundation

Agnès Monplaisir

Brazilian flag

Isabelle de Ligneris

The "potager" door

Jeanne Susplugas

Flying House, Jeanne Susplugas

Melissa Unger

Black Eye, Sally Mann

Marie-Hélène Grinfeder

Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vermeer

Clara Feder


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> Chourouk walks us through the metaphor of the garden as a key to a better world.

> Jelena chose an artwork from Agnes Martin, to talk about emotions and feelings, such as LOVE, to bring about a Better World.

> Sara chose one of her artworks to promote a general cooperation beween religions, therefore making a Better World happen.

> Sutapa chose a picture of her son, an extract of her video « Birdsong », to deliver her poetic vision of a better world seen through a child's eyes. 

> Nathalie chose a picture by Sara Badr Schmidt from the series « Borderless », to illustrate a better world without men created boundaries.

> Natalia chose a picture by Stieglitz of Georgia O'Keeffe's hands to speak about the necessary collaboration between men and women artists.

> Marianne chose one of her artworks because she advocates that the world should be seen through women's eyes, for violence to decrease.

> Natalie chose this image to express her views of a world where communication and tolerance prevail.

> Danielle chose her own photograph Lost because her dream is about finding the key to a better world within oneself.

> Jo chose drawing of a truck by H. to show the importance of simplicity and honesty in the art world.

> Sam chose the image of a shag bird, logo of her art club, to show artists need helping each other and taking control over their exhibitions.

> Yoyo chose Blue Dream of Aki Kuroda because we should all follow our dreams, or our dream.

> Sonia chose the image of an eye to make us look at each other with a benevolent eye.

> Isabel chose the ouroboros because it symbolises regeneration and also creative opportunity. 






> Anne-Pierre chose an illumination by Hildegard von Bingen to show the importance of innocence in human life.






> Emmanuelle chose Cosmos because we are part of it and art is a source which reconnects us to ourselves.






> Marie-Claire chose exclamation points to highlight the necessity of people's real commitment for art.

> Anne-Sarah believes that laughter, as well as art, may help us view things from a distance and improve our lives.





> Julie chose a painting by the Chinese female artist Guan Daosheng, symbol for her fight for women's status in the art world



> Isabelle chose a collage by Haerizadeh, a technique which embodies her dream for multicultural influences





> Isadora chose a photograph she took of her sister's gaze, echoing to our perception of art.






> Hélianthe chose a photograph of her and her sister holding hands, as a symbol of solidarity between women.





> Ofra chose her painting of a homeless man. She dreams for education to enlighten Brazil.






> This artwork from Bettie Nin embodies her vision for true freedom.







> Myriam chose the Mimi Foundation : she believes that pampering women may help them go through hard times.






> Agnès chose the Brazilian flag, which echoes to a land of future where diversity & opportunities thrive.






> Isabelle's dream is the door to a garden of her family house - a symbol for her desire to cultivate art.






> Jeanne drew Flying House as her dream, embodying her vision of a safe place for everyone.






> Melissa's dream is a photograph which reminds her of the child's voice within her.






> The movement

here equates life. This painting serves as a reminder that art and life work

hand in hand.





> Clara's blank suitcase embodies the beginning of a new project.

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