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a transmedia participatory project empowering women of the contemporary art field and connecting them//  the project will be presented in a variety of configurations, including photography, book, installation, film and soundtrack, responding to the contexts in which it is shown// work in progress since 2015



> a woman of the art scene picks an image embodying her dream for a better world

> the artist shoots her carrying her dream on a suitcase

> the artist listens to the woman speak about her dream, videotapes her and posts it

> the woman nominates another woman to join the dreamchain






women of the contemporary art scene shed their light upon tenebrae and carry their dream for a better world


they are fragile, strong, luminescent, floating and inspiring. And sometimes,

they are showing just the opposite.






the artist


clara feder questions human fragility confronted to society through a trans-media approach///she has an empathetic purpose and puts the scattered pieces of our identity back together///she creates safe places to reconnect us to ourselves




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