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clara feder



I am a pluridisciplinary artist with a focus on photography and participative projects. Concerned with human fragility confronted to society, my work addresses the tension between modern temptations and the aspiration to a more genuine way of life. I conceive my artpieces as safe places, reconnecting us not only to ourselves and to our light within through photography, but also to our peers in participative installations. My art has an empathetic purpose, putting the scattered pieces of our identity back together.


I use different medias to show, explore, confront, question our modern times fragility. I assemble knowledge, images, stories, live reactions. My projects include :

<Linking women in the arts and their dreams of a world as a better place with Dreamchain, a worldwide participatory transmedia project questioning the status of women in the art world.

<Staging and photographing lost beings in unidentifiable landscapes as a metaphor of society's effect on people in the Light Travelers photography series.

<Creating a private meditation space delimited by art where people can experience peace of mind within an art field in the Light Within altar series.

<Confronting people to our most important fragility, Temptation, in the Wall of Temptation, a worldwide participatory performance. Then, photographing them and putting them up on a virtual Wall.



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