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a transmedia participatory art project


" Women are beautiful, strong, intrepid even. I see heart in their deeds, beauty in their face, depth in their talk. This belief has enthralled me since I was a child, and given me courage when times were hard. Today I want to explore, show and share my vision. I want to play my part in our story."

clara feder


showcasing women of the art world and their dreams



Clara Feder asks women of the art scene to share an image which embodies their dream for the world as a better place. She then photographs these women, carrying their dreams on a suitcase, and wearing a halo around their head. Participants are invited to nominate another woman to join the project so that the Dreamchain may grow and that women of the art world may deepen their bonds. 


from dreams to reality


Clara Feder photographs women dreams and then projects them on a white suitcase. This process echoes to psychoanalytic projection : dreams are brought out from the "collective unconscious" at work in human becoming and are showcased in reality. With Dreamchain, Clara Feder invites to reflect us upon women's dreams for the world as a better place and to think of a way for them to pass into action. 

Find out about Dreamchain women's dreams


women's pilgrimage for the world as a better place


Clara Feder showcases Dreamchain women on a frieze, as if transformed into the protagonists of a gest. They are enrolled, as pilgrims, in a procession throughout an out of time space, located on a dreamlike plane of reality, where they emerge ex nihilo in countless replicas.

The light halo embodies their aura, both meant as their psyche and their influence, and sheds a spiritual light in a world full of darkness. The “pilgrims” yet must take their dreams on a roving into a terra incognita - a journey through the night which their power of dreaming can enlighten.

Find out about Dreamchain women.


dreamchain artworks


The women’s portraits will be arranged side by side on a great black frieze - 23,6 inches high.  It will display every woman who took part in the project. A print will be given to an international foundation related to women's rights, and available for auction.

Dreamchain echoes the Bayeux tapestry, which depicts war scenes of the 11th century and was woven by Matilda of Flanders and her maids. Dreamchain thus links women of the past and future together, reminding them that they must battle to gain the respect they deserve.


Dreamchain women portraits are printed on limited editions on semi matte photo paper.  Unique prints on glass (mirror) are being made. Several dimensions will be available. Some of the works may be purchased under strict conditions. You can send an email for inquiry.




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